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ODIM HDF5 data conversion

  • For the radar composite program, UF radar files, produced by EEC radars, should be converted to ODIM HDF5 radar data files. This is since the composite program developed at the FMI ingests ODIM HDF5 weather radar files, not UF or any other radar files.
  • HDF5 is a common data format, which can be used for various purposes, e.g. for storing satellite, radar and many other numeric data. In this project, we apply ODIM HDF5 weather radar data format. This format can be used with various other radar types and for international data exchange. It is also used as a operative radar data format at FMI and for international data exchange in Europe. Thus, ODIM HDF5 supports long-term radar operations in Vietnam.

UF documentation, for example, here:

Reading UF-data

General information on the HDF5 radar data format:

The ODIM HDF5 documentation can be downloaded from here:

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