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Tasks to do for Ninh Binh installation

Block diagram

The block diagram of measuring system and communication lines


Block Diagram AWS Ninh Binh Station.jpg


  • Create basic maps of Ninh Binh weather and hydrological stations marking, buildings, wind masts, electricity points and other important objects.

Distances must be correct although drawing would not be in scale.

  • Add needed cables and plans how to install them to drawing. Explain them also in text.

Prequisities for installation

  • Electricity cable from station building to measuring field (NHMS)
    • Ground cable if possible
    • Cable thickness at least 3 x 2.5 mm2
  • Grounding system and lightning protection installed as in Ha Dong


  • What is the current status of the network connection (Internet)? Speed (in/out), fixed ip-address (yes/no) etc.
    • Is it upgradeable to faster one?
    • Is it also possible to get fixed ip-address?

We're planning to install Cisco ASA 5505 -device to the Ninh binh station. The questions regarding this part of the installation are listed below.

  • What is the model of your firewall in ITC?
    • Does it support IPsec VPN?
  • If possible, install and configure Linux-box to station for testing data communications
  • Test connection from Ninh Binh to server


Ninh Binh weather station

  • Install AWS-station to Ninh Binh in same way as in Ha Dong
    • including grounding, lightning protection, electricity, windsensors etc
    • Please take extra care for quality of installation, especially all eletronic connections
  • Buy and install XStream modems (if possible modell X09-009PKI-RA and high gain antenna) between well and station building (1km)
  • Buy and install XStream modems (modell X24-009PKI-RA is suitable) between AWS (field) and station building (100m).
  • Installation will be checked and approved by FMI experts

Ninh Binh water level station

All installations will be done to water measuring well.

  • Buy and install solarpanels and other needed equipment to well-structure
  • Buy battery of 50-60 Ah (12 V)
  • Buy and install antenna mast (diameter 40-60 mm) to structure based on instruction provided by Satel
  • Buy and install grounding system and lightning protection
  • Create mounting rack for water level sensor based on plans provided by FMI
    • Check that cover of well can be opened if needed.
    • Sensor must be at middle of well


Datacommunications between stations Please implement and test both solutions! It is important to have datacommunications ready before next mission, were it Satel or X-Stream.

Plan A: Preferred solution using Satel devices

Plan B: Find out how to create connection from water level well to Ninh Binh manual weather station using X-Stream -modems.

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