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Here is a collection of various pieces of radar knowledge, links, software names etc.

Radar Hardware

An effective lightning protection and grounding system should be designed and installed based on a very detailed analysis of the site conditions. These protection systems should include surge protectors/absorbers. When a surge is input, the absorbers work to stop the current from entering to radar unit. The primary purpose of the grounding is to provide a low impedance RF ground path for the radar system, and to provide a ground point for lightning protection. The grounding system will typically consist of an underground grid or radials or rods, typically copper, which provide a ground resistance of not more than one ohm. The grounding system shall have a connection point at the base of the tower, and shall include a suitable ground wire to the top of the tower.

Also not that even if the lightning does not hit the radar itself, it can hit the electrical or data lines nearby.

Radar Software

Radar Meteorology

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