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This page lists some useful tools available for administrators. Please note that most of these links are ONLY for internal use and their data is meant for NHMS and FMI-staff only. Some tools allow entry only from certain IP-addresses or domains.

In case you don't have access, please contact to Mr. Sami or Mr. Mikko.

Server admin

  • Munin Server monitoring tool
  • Nagios Server and service monitoring tool (Configuration not yet complete, but usable)
  • Monit Server and service monitoring tool (Listener checks are here)


  • AWStats Statistics for promoserv-webserver (Currently does not make any difference between sites, or This can be fixed if needed).
  • AWStats for FTP-transfers. Shows ftp-traffic (mostly radar-files) using AWStats-program

Software to be considered (Not yet installed)

  • PhpPGAdmin (database)
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