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Weather observation training - mission 2012-03

This training goes with name AWS-workshop although it is more like observation flow workshop. Most if not all of the topics should be accomplished before actual workshop. During workshop each group will present what they have done and any ideas or comments they have.

Method to accomplish these topics will be self-oriented training for NHMS-staff. This means that main responsibility of each topic will be assigned for nominated NHMS persons. Work will be supervised and supported remotely by FMI experts using email, web-conferences etc technical means. It is also possible to have interpreter available if agreed beforehand.



Installing AWS

  • Install and configure AWS to send data to data communication device connected to serial port
  • Create maintenance instructions and routines for AWS-stations

Datacollecting and Listener/Parser-framework

This topic includes all kind of stations, were they manual or automatic. Goal for training is to give good insight of data-collecting framework used in Promoserv-project and to learn different solutions available. Recommended examples are implementing existing weather stations of NHMS.

Tasks to do before training:

  • DO: Document different systems as listed in Stations_to_datacollection
  • DO: Provide plan or plans how to get data from stations without interfering current operation

Individual tasks:

  • Create simple listener by using Perl-programming language according to station and FMI specification for selected station type.

Server and database installation

Promoserv-project will purchase additional server at the beginning of mission 2012-03. It will be used to training and testing of different solutions. Installed operating system will be Centos Linux so it would be same version as in main server. All linux-related knowledge and training is good, so you can practice with another Linux-distributions as well, for example Ubuntu is nice desktop-oriented distribution.

  • IMPORTANT: Server_installation page will be OFFICIAL DOCUMENTATION provided by project. This training topic aims to make sure it is usable and it contains all needed information. So, please read it and add any questions there may arise!

Data usage

This topic concerns more fetching and representing data from database than actual usage. Currently there are few simple graphs at . During this training we will plan and create more products for users. End users, eg forecasters, are also welcome.

Programming language for www-environment will be PHP, but other languages can be used as well. They must provide interface to Postgresql-database and platform where they can be run. Please contact to Sami to check if these programs/languages can be installed to promoserv-server.

  • DO: Make plans of which data would be useful to see as well as how it would be good to present to user (listings, line-graphs, histograms, maps..)
  • Create www-page demonstrating possible products using data from database

Monitoring and maintaining the system

This topic introduces some of possible monitoring solutions for dataflow. Monitoring routines must be defined with NHMS. Additional topics/training (if schedule permits)


  • Locate possible problems which occurs more or less randomly in demonstration network (caused by FMI lecturers)
  • READ: Troubleshooting
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